Webinar: How to Ace Your Funding Announcement

Your company just secured new funding—congratulations! Now it's time to announce it to the world. 

In this webinar, BAM's PR pros Amanda Mieczkowski, Shea Geary, and Beck Bamberger share 3 real-life examples of successful funding announcements and why they worked. This free, 60-minute webinar is perfect for founders who want to build relationships with media while amplifying new funding news.

Meet the Speakers


Amanda is an Account Manager at BAM. She is responsible for media relations, support on overall PR campaigns, and day-to-day client communication. Her expertise covers several B2B and B2C sectors including cybersecurity, banking, AI, consumer electronics, healthcare, cross border payments, UX, big data, and stock imaging.


Shea Geary is a Senior Account Executive at BAM. She plays a critical role in creative ideation, and developing media relations and thought leadership strategies. Shea holds expertise in several B2B technology sectors including AI, IoT, cybersecurity, HR, SaaS, and IT.


Beck Bamberger is the CEO and founder of BAM. Beck oversees the brand vision of BAM, builds relationships and community with venture capitalists, and ensures BAM has the most diverse, incredible team. Since BAM’s inception in 2008, Beck has overseen the pivot of BAM to exclusively represent venture-backed technology brands and progressive venture funds.

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