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The Recap: BAM Book Jam with Koa Beck

The Magic of Connection: Your Work Retreats Don’t Have to Suck

Here's what we covered.

On March 25, we held our latest BAM Book Jam featuring the book "White Feminism: From the Suffragettes to Influencers and Who They Leave Behind," written by Koa Beck, former editor-in-chief of Jezebel. Koa Beck answered questions about why white feminism is not the way forward for liberating women, how other movements have paved the way, and why the catchphrase of “white feminism” needs a complete reframing for 60 minutes straight. Be sure watch the recording below. Thank you to everyone for your questions and participation!

Let's go live.

Here are some of the top BAM Book Jam tweets and words of advice from Koa Beck. If you want the full scoop, check out the recording of the webinar above. 

Koa Beck, author of "White Feminism"


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