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Hear From the Pros — 5 PR Lessons From 2021

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Like every year, 2021 served as an opportunity of growth for many many of us, including BAM’s own experienced team. We discovered new ways to tell stories, engage audiences, and, most importantly, learn from the challenges that were thrown at us. 

Here are the biggest lessons we learned in 2021 — and what we’ll keep in mind as we enter 2022. 

Organization is King: The life of a PR pro can be overwhelming, particularly for those who work at an agency where one must juggle multiple clients. Delegating, strategizing and focusing on what really matters takes much more discernment than one may realize. It’s important to remember that if everything is a priority then nothing is a priority — therefore, you must be mindful of how you organize your tasks. 

Data is Proof: Reporters are inundated with story ideas daily — some top tier journalists have even said they receive thousands of emails a day. So, what makes your client standout? We’ve learned the answer is data. As PR pros, we can talk all day about how great our clients are, but hard data is the proof reporters want and need. Data is key to landing those Tier 1 feature placements.

Following Through is Important: In a news world filled with broken promises, absent-minded initiatives and lackluster commitments — following through with your word matters. Use the first quarter of 2022 to return to your inbox and see if there were any missed opportunities to follow through or to provide reporters with updates to major announcements. The follow-up email from you will show momentum from your end and uncover new stories. 

Listening is Key: Truly hearing what your target audience is saying, asking and expressing are important in telling any client story. Too often we’re focused on what we, as professionals, get to say, or how to say it because it’s so easy to fall in love with the tactics phase. The current landscape is so competitive and so loud, PR pros feel the need to shout, or to be the first, even when there’s no connectivity. More value can be attained by pausing and listening.

Reporters are Human: It’s so easy to hit “copy” and “paste” on a pitch, but doing so treats the recipient like a robot. Reporters are human and deserve to be treated that way. Take the time to get to know each reporter you pitch and personalize the message you send to them. 

Everyone is experiencing information overload in their own way, and we are all craving more real human connection, even if it has to still exclusively be through screens. Personalizing each email will help strengthen the overall relationship between PR pros and media.

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