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BAM Launches Mentorship Program

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A note from Mike Fountain, BAM's Associate VP and Executive team member: 

I am super excited to announce the launch of the BAM Mentorship Program as of July 2021. The goal of the program is to provide potential mentees with the opportunity to connect with a mentor who can offer insight, advice, opportunity, and help with navigation in the next stage/s of the mentee's career. It also provides mentors with the opportunity to explore and drive their influence and leadership capacity for personal and professional growth. 
We all desire to prepare for the road ahead, but life has a funny way of throwing unforeseen obstacles in the way. My journey has taken me down several avenues of exploration where I have found myself and the desire to reach for the stars. When I am asked — "Mike, how do you keep that smile on your face despite all that you have gone through?" I respond, "perseverance and persistence!" These qualities have always been with me; however, they were nurtured in a mentoring program under the mentorship of Dr. Mark G. Henderson. As a mentee, I adopted the mantra, "although the routes might change, success is always the destination." I gained knowledge through the experience, the drive to conquer the world, and the discernment to share what I have learned with individuals striving to better themselves. 

We are kicking off the program with a pairing of seven mentors and mentees this round. They are ready to dive into our structured program that will provide a confidential space for discussions and inquiries around topics related to career growth, institutional knowledge, and the development of soft skills. 
Therefore, it gives me joy to say that it's a great day to be part of BAM. The opportunities keep coming and the growth keeps shining through!

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