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It’s True, BAM's Venture-Backed Clients Raise A LOT More Funding

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"This five year span study gives us quantitative data that backs up what we've felt and known for a long time: the storytelling we do for our clients and our vast network of  venture capitalists means serious money." - BAM CEO, Beck Bamberger

Stitch, a third-party marketing research firm, has confirmed BAM clients raise 107% more funding than the average VC-backed tech company.

To calculate this metric, Stitch sampled 300 companies from Crunchbase’s database, filtered by industry — artificial intelligence, healthcare technologies, cybersecurity, and cloud security — and funding round to match BAM clients’ 2016 to 2022 funding rounds. 

Stitch then compared the sample set with BAM clients from 2016 to 2022. The results showed that while BAM clients took on average 22% longer between funding rounds, they raised more money. In particular: 

  • BAM clients raised 53% more than the average venture-backed tech company for Series A funding
  • 64% more for Series B 
  • 100% more for Series C 
  • 251% more for Series D 
  • 107% more for the total funding amount 

Data is a key aspect of our storytelling, and we're proud of what this data now confirms: BAM clients overwhelmingly raise more money than other startups. Want to work with BAM? Fill out our contact form below.


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