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Dear BAMf Podcast: Episode 68 with Juliette Kopecky

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Dear BAMf // Episode 68: Juliette Kopecky of LinkSquares explains how to communicate the benefits of assets to a client.

In this episode of the Dear BAMf podcast, we speak with Juliette Kopecky, CMO at LinkSquares. She is a data-driven marketing leader with experience running teams and launching products within B2B startups and enterprises, especially within high-growth SaaS companies. Juliette is passionate about understanding what makes customers tick, and then translating that into meaningful marketing campaigns focused on their needs. In this episode, Juliette answers tough marketing and PR questions from our listeners, including this one about clearly communicating expectations to clients.

Dear BAMf,

As a peer executive, part of my role is to lighten my client's load and improve their media results. To achieve the most successful partnership and best there will always be assets i'll need for my clients, for example, raw data, access to executives, case studies, et cetera. How do I clearly communicate the need for, and the benefit of having these assets without appearing burdensome to the client?

Listen now to hear how Juliette advises this listener to move forward.

Dear BAMf: Episode 68

Episode 68 highlights:

What is LinkSquares?

JK: LinkSquares is an AI powered end-to-end contract life-cycle management tool. What we help our customers do is write better contracts, understand what's in all of their existing contracts and collaborate better with their team. We sell to legal teams in particular. What's so interesting about contracts is, they power everything in a company. Agreements, customer agreements, partnership agreements, every key activity in a business is really powered by contract.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in the last 12 months?

JK: I'm someone who loves startups and I think the theme of 2020 was change. I have an immense amount of pride for all that we've created on the marketing side, the team that we've built, the growth that we've seen at the company and how we've been able to support it with marketing. Some of the clear accomplishments that we've had this year are that we've really doubled in growth, and we were just recently named on the Inc. 5,000 list in spot number 253.

Do you have a favorite way to tell a story?

JK: There are a lot of really interesting things about what we do and our legal audience. Legal teams are having a moment where they're saying, "We're doing a lot of processes, we're doing a lot of things in the business that are repetitive, and they are very time consuming. How can we look at technology as a way to solve those problems?" From a marketing perspective, one of the things that my team really focuses on is how do we educate our audience on ways that they can use technology? Additionally educating them on what AI is. Everybody uses it as a buzzword right now. Explain marketing, through storytelling, and what can it mean for their business and for their role within the organization. I love that piece of it, the storytelling, and really focusing on the value that we deliver to our customers at the end of the day.

How do I clearly communicate the benefit of having these assets without appearing burdensome to the client?

JK: Develop a partnership with your marketing team and find a way to work as an extension of the company that focuses on what they want to achieve. I don't view the agencies we partner with as a burden because I know why they're asking for something. it's important because they're helping us. It's a no brainer to me why they're asking for access to people on the executive team. It's because they want to pitch out a story and develop thought leadership for our company. It would probably be a red flag on either side of the relationship, if it feels burdensome or if it feels like pulling teeth.

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