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How to Be a Good Client For Your PR Agency

One of our favorite questions potential clients ask us in the pitch process is “what makes a good PR agency client?” This shows us that our marketing or communications partners at our client are invested in truly making the most of our relationship. This foundation sets us up for success from the beginning. There are three key elements that will make you a good client and partner for your PR and marketing agency. 

1. You are collaborative 

You are up for a brainstorming session, open to trying something new, and never afraid to ask or answer a question. PR takes teamwork, and as much as we wish it could be like a light switch that you turn on, it is a team sport and we need you to play ball. We don’t know what we don’t know and this is where you can act as our eyes and ears on the ground. We appreciate clients that  bring potential news, ideas, and new spokespersons to our attention, for example. 

2.You value trust and honest communication

Both internally and externally, we talk about giving and receiving feedback a lot. We ask for feedback often and want to know when things are going well, or there’s a need for change. If stakeholders are invested in a different outcome, things change, or something is off, we want to receive that feedback quickly and directly so that we can work with you to course correct. We like to say we don’t have big egos and are quick to absorb feedback, improve, and move forward.

3.You are nimble and responsive to PR opportunities 
When reporters are interested in an angle or piece of news, they like to move quickly to tell the story. If we can respond quickly, we can build and maintain stronger relationships between our client and the reporter.That means we need our client partners to quickly put us in touch with their spokespeople when needed, be ready to answer a journalist's questions or provide requested assets, so that we can make the most of opportunities when they’re secured. 

One of BAM’s core values is partnership. Without it, a PR and marketing agency can feel like another vendor. Through our partnership with clients, we entrench ourselves in your business and work towards becoming an extension of your team, small or large. We celebrate your successes with you and navigate challenges and crises together in a way that emparts trust and secures longevity. Partnership is really about how we can both bring our best to the table and work together to produce the best end result, and ultimately that is what we really value in our best PR clients. 


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