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How to Promote Your Personal Brand Like a PR Pro

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Building a professional personal brand is no longer optional for outward-facing executives. After all, a company’s reputation oftentimes depends on a c-suite executive’s reputation. But if building a personal brand is new to you, there are a few first steps you can take to promote your personal brand like a PR pro would.

What is executive branding?

Executive branding is the technique of creating and developing a professional brand for c-suite executives, business owners, and other senior leadership. A solid executive brand attracts, retains, and energizes employees and customers alike.

You know yourself and the messages you want to convey better than anyone. Here are some tips to start promoting your personal brand like a PR expert.

Secure media coverage

Today’s news cycle never ends, which means news outlets are hungrier than ever for content. You may be thinking, “Okay, sounds great. But, I don’t have any news to report!” Through your network, you have access to more content than you think you do. For example, conduct a survey, submit a guest blog post or another form of thought leadership, and position yourself as an expert for comment

Online coverage has an additional benefit — you get content to share on your platforms in exchange for your interview, which boosts credibility. 

Submit your company for an award

Award applications can take time and effort, but the credibility return is high. Award publications often reach a highly targeted audience of industry peers and even potential customers. Plus, your boosted credibility will increase your ability to speak as an industry expert.

It's true that some awards are costly to enter. But, there are plenty of low-cost and even free awards you can consider. We recommend doing your research and looking around for the award(s) that suit your budget and goals.

The best part is that most award providers conduct public relations regarding the finalist and results announcements. That means, if you win or are a finalist, your name and company will automatically get circulated to media contacts and publications. Joining your local chamber of commerce or Better Business Bureau are great ways to find local awards and business organizations. 

Offer free content

The rise of business blogging has been instrumental in helping executives publicize their personal brands. As blogging continues to explode in popularity, the amount of information, courses, ebooks, and other content offerings has become limitless.

Put another way, you need to set your content apart from the crowd. One proven method is to craft something valuable for your target audience and give it to them for free via an email or website link. You can do this with ebooks, white papers, checklists, “how-to” articles, downloadable templates, and much more. To get the free material, all the customer has to do is give you their email address — they get valuable content, and you get to stay in touch and promote your personal brand to a growing audience. 

Once customers love what you’ve provided, they are likely to share it with their colleagues, employees, and social network, growing your following and presence even more.

Host or speak at an industry an event

Hosting an event may sound intimidating (not to mention stressful), but it can be quite simple. Try to find small, low-cost events and ask how you can offer your expertise there. For example, consider applying to speak on a panel about a topic you know about, or a community or academic event in need of a keynote speaker.

Once you’re comfortable with your presentation skills, create a workshop on a useful topic you can deliver to small groups. This includes industry associations, the local chamber of commerce, and nonprofit organizations. Sharpening your presentation skills can be extremely beneficial and lucrative for your personal brand. 

With a bit of planning and thinking outside the box, you can create a powerful PR strategy on your own.

Of course, nothing can compare to a professional and skilled team that’s dedicated to building and promoting your professional personal brand. If you want to work with BAM’s PR pros, connect with us today. We are a bi-coastal, full-service marketing and communications agency that believes stories move the world. 

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