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Season One Recap: Dear BAMf Podcast

101 Black Tech Titans 2021


Season two of the Dear BAMf Podcast is coming January 25, 2021.

In Season one of the Dear BAMf Podcast, we spoke to 29 PR, communications, and marketing experts from technology companies, VC firms, and agencies. As we count down the days until Season two, catch up on some of our team's favorite episodes from last season.

Episode 5 with Natalie Sportelli 

The COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on many brands' 2020 plans. In this episode, Content & Brand Manager at Lerer Hippeau, Natalie Sportelli, shares her thoughts on how brands can emerge on top despite the pandemic, and how to build consistent messaging plans.

Episode 6 with Rebecca Buckman

As a former business journalist with the Wall Street Journal, Rebecca Buckman brings a unique perspective to her current role of VP of Marketing Communications at Battery Ventures. In this episode, she explains why building a high-level brand communication strategy 18 months–2 years before an IPO can add hundreds of millions of dollars to a company's ultimate market value. 


Episode 13 with Tanya Daley

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is at the top of almost every company's strategy for 2021. In this episode, Tyana DaleyDirector of Marketing at Immertec — provides some actionable tips for managing and sculpting the language for a newly founded DEI program at your company.


Episode 26 with Kip Knight

As a former marketing leader and current Operating Partner at Thomvest Ventures, Kip Knight knows how important it is for founders to clearly communicate their company's value to the media. "It is really simple to make things complicated and it is really complicated to make things simple."


Episode 27 with Cliff Worley 

One of the best tools a marketer has is customer testimonials and case studies. They build trust and buy in with potential customers. But they can be hard to get. In this episode, Senior Director of Portfolio Growth Marketing at Kapor Capital, Cliff Worley, shares his four tips for asking customers to share a testimonial. 



Here's a sneak preview at Season 2 of the Dear BAMf Podcast coming January 25!

Dear BAMf

Dear BAMf Podcast // 29: Natsuki Zihnioglu of DNX Ventures

In the final episode of Season 1, Natsuki Zihnioglu — Head of Portfolio Platform at DNX Ventures — spells out the proper protocol for handling a leaked embargo.


Dear BAMf Podcast// 28: Drew Beechler of High Alpha

Drew Beechler of High Alpha reminds founders that nothing is off the record in media relations.


Dear BAMf Podcast // 27: Cliff Worley of Kapor Capital

Cliff Worley, Senior Director of Portfolio Growth Marketing at Kapor Capital shares his best practices for collecting quality customer testimonials.


Dear BAMf Podcast // 26: Kip Knight of Thomvest Ventures

Kip Knight, Operating Partner at Thomvest Ventures, addresses COVID misinformation and how to build an effective media footprint.


AMA with Business Insider, Money, and CNET: PR & Pitching

Jennifer Ortakales from Business InsiderJulia Glum from Money, and Abrar Al-Heeti from CNET joined us for our latest AMA focused on PR and pitching.


AMA with Tearsheet, Benzinga, BI, FinLedger: Fintech

Suman Bhattacharyya from TearsheetRenato Capelj from BenzingaCallum Burroughs from Business Insider, & Mary Ann Azevedo from FinLedger.


AMA with The Information, Crunchbase News, FT: Funding

Kate Clark of The InformationChristine Hall of Crunchbase News, Miles Kruppa of Financial Times, and Biz Carson of Protocol joined this VC & funding AMA.


AMA with LinkedIn News, Forbes, BI, Fast Company: Future of Work

Caroline Fairchild of LinkedIn News, Tom Davenport of Forbes, Allana Akhtar of Business Insider, and Julia Herbst of Fast Company ask questions about the future of work.


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