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What Is Clubhouse and How Does It Fit Into My Comms Strategy?

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What is Clubhouse?

(N.) Clubhouse is a social networking app that lets people gather in audio chat rooms to discuss various topics — from Bitcoin, to wellness, and art — with rooms divided into two; those who are talking and those who are listening. 

The app was launched last spring and has been likened to a podcast with audience participation. The audio-focused nature of the app is a big differentiator. Another core differentiator is that Clubhouse, as the name suggests, is based on exclusivity. To join, you must be invited by a current user. 

Who’s on Clubhouse? 

The early users included heavy-weight VCs Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, in addition to performers, influencers, and well-known podcasters and entrepreneurs, such as Tim Ferris. The app has evolved to include a varied audience to suit the varied topics. This audience includes media, who want to be privy to the more intimate and spontaneous conversations that are happening on the app. 

How can I use Clubhouse for PR and media?

So, how can you implement Clubhouse into your communications strategy? After getting to know the platform inside and out, there are a variety of opportunities and options to consider, depending on the outcome and impact you’re looking for.

Clubhouse for networking and thought leadership

Members want to stick out on Clubhouse, so many of them are passionately sharing what they're seeing or predicting will happen in their respective industry with other speakers and listeners. If this is something your executive team is interested in, Clubhouse is an ideal tool to not only amplify your voice and expertise, but to also establish yourself as an expert among other leaders in your industry. However, if speaking up isn’t your forte, Clubhouse is also a great way to listen in, and arm yourself with new knowledge and ideas that you can utilize to inform and inspire your pitches and strategy as it relates to your business.

Clubhouse for engaging with the media 

More and more journalists are joining Clubhouse as a way to make connections for stories and share useful tips for working with reporters. Some regularly host live interviews and chats about the news. These conversations make Clubhouse a new way for you to get tips on upcoming stories and to learn more about a specific journalist. If developing media relationships and feeling as though you have an ‘inside scoop’ is a priority for you, Clubhouse is becoming an increasingly strong tool to consider.

Where does Clubhouse fit into my broader communications strategy?

As with all social media platforms, intention, goals, and KPIs are important to consider when kicking off a Clubhouse strategy. While Clubhouse is still so new, it will take time to evaluate the goals and gains for each executive and business. We would suggest setting a trial time period of 1-3 months to explore Clubhouse, engage, and host on the platform as the first step in utilizing the platform regularly. This will help you to find your niche, your audience, and identify the main ways you can use the platform to make the largest impact for your executive presence and business overall. 

Get yourself invited to Clubhouse, take time to acclimate, be open-minded, and find your niche. We are always keeping our ears to the ground to understand how platforms can be leveraged to the benefit of our clients, and look forward to seeing more from Clubhouse and media in the future. 

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