Brenda Manea

Account Manager


6 Years of Industry Experience


Past Companies/Agencies: 


Notable Clients:
Fortem Technologies, MedCrypt, Raken, Upstart, AirBar, Altia Systems, SAP, Bonfyre, Credit Sesame, The Go Game, Project Repat, Reaction Commerce, Queue-it, SOCi, Triller, Wonderwoof


Brenda is an Account Manager at BAM. She puts together campaign strategies, ideates and edits purposeful content, lands dynamic press hits, and provides counsel to help her teams to execute top-notch campaigns. Brenda’s expertise spans B2B and B2C technology sectors such as finance, healthcare, security (physical and cyber), entertainment, construction, retail, and personal tech.

She started at BAM as an intern and worked her way up the chain, building a diverse track record as BAM’s client roster evolved from listing local restaurants and small businesses to some of the most innovative, high-tech, and well-funded startups around the world. Brenda studied communication and psychology at San Diego State University. 

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