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Rufus Labs

Rufus Labs produces intelligent wearable warehouse technology and workforce analytics software. The company's flagship productivity-as-a-service platform, Rufus WorkHero, combines Rufus Labs industrial wearables and cloud enterprise software to bring the most advanced productivity suite to the supply chain workforce.

exceeded KPIs by 131%


Competitors overpower the media landscape with large revenue and customer announcements, making it difficult to position Rufus as a comparable leader. With little to no media footprint prior to BAM, we needed to focus on bringing awareness to Rufus Labs’ offerings and highlight how they are different from their larger competitors.


Rufus Labs engaged BAM to increase its brand awareness as a software company that increases productivity and efficiency in warehouses across the country. There is a distinction between wearable technology and robots, and BAM's overall mission was to highlight the benefits of wearable technology in the workplace. 


BAM worked closely with the Rufus Labs team to identify key topics and trends in the industry that the CEO, Gabe Grifoni, was comfortable speaking to. BAM brainstormed proactive media angles on a weekly basis and secured bylines, podcast opportunities, and thought leadership opportunities for the team.

BAM also worked closely with the Rufus team to push out strategic company and partnership announcements, leveraging data from Rufus and its clients to further validate Rufus’ impact in the industry. Through BAMs media efforts, Rufus Labs is thoroughly and continuously covered in trade media, setting a solid foundation to build upon into tier one media.






In the first 10 months, BAM secured 37 media placements. The team exceeded KPIs by 131.25%, two months before the contract is set to renew. 


"Share of voice has really improved significantly. We're second now against our competitors, and seeing those results in a short period of time is really phenomenal." - Paula Odysseoes, Co-founder  






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