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AiFi provides AI-powered autonomous retail solutions, partnering with retailers of all types to create frictionless shopping experiences that allow shoppers to grab what they want and leave a store, no checkout needed. 


AiFi is a major competitor to Amazon Go. But despite having deployed more autonomous stores than Amazon, AiFi struggled to be viewed and recognized as a leading player in the space. Using the Series B fundraising as a launching pad, AiFi returned to BAM to secure a larger share of voice, share the company’s broader mission, and become a recognized competitor to Amazon. 


AiFi wanted top-tier coverage throughout the campaigns, specifically for its funding announcement. 


BAM’s strategy to secure top-tier coverage for the funding announcement was to secure an exclusive with a top-tier media publication three weeks before the announcement's go-live date. BAM centered the pitch around the key message of AiFi charging ahead of Amazon in the autonomous retail race, as evidenced by securing the largest Series B raise in industry history. BAM also offered interviews with AiFi’s CEO to discuss the state of the autonomous retail industry, why he believes AiFi has what it takes to compete with Amazon, and how this latest round of funding will help his team achieve that.


media placements for Series B


placements in top-tier publications

- AiFi

“You guys got my Wall Street Journal article in month two of the BAM restart, very nice! 🙂”


BAM secured The Wall Street Journal for the announcement exclusive, with the full feature story running online and in print. In addition, BAM secured top-tier, day-of coverage in outlets like TechCrunch, Silicon Valley Business Journal, and Pitchbook, along with funding inclusion in Axios Pro Rata, Fortune Term Sheet, Wall Street Journal Pro VC Newsletter, Strictly VC Newsletter, San Francisco Business Times, Venture Capital Journal, and more. In total, BAM secured 14 pieces of coverage. Because of BAM’s focus and relationships, 85% of coverage was top-tier. 

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