Case Study


Blueboard is the world’s leading experiential rewards and recognition platform.  


Blueboard was searching for out-of-the-box ideas that differentiated them from competitors in a crowded HR market. They aren't your standard HR tech company, and they wanted to make that known. Blueboard needed a partner that understood their thoughtful, socially-conscious approach to establishing themselves as the leader in employee recognition. 


Blueboard needed a PR agency that understood their people-first, go-getter, authentic culture and could deliver results on creative ideas. 


BAM began by identifying out-of-the-box ways to separate Blueboard from the rest of the recognition platform pack. This started with pushing bold thought leadership POVs and identifying the right spokespeople to speak to them. It continued with a suggested research agency partnership so Blueboard could begin producing its own survey content on topics that mattered to them most, like employee mental health and wellbeing. Beyond the survey, with Blueboard’s socially-conscious brand voice in mind, BAM established weekly brainstorms during calls to ensure the Blueboard team was ready to newsjack the latest workplace trends. 

The Blueboard and BAM team worked collaboratively, consistently holding brainstorming sessions to ensure we approached thought leadership and newsjacking in the most socially-conscious and forward-thinking way possible.


media placements


met KPIs per quarter

BAM secured 23 placements in 10 months in outlets including Inc., Protocol, and Worklife


These brainstorms and surveys have proved fruitful. With over 23 placements in 10 months, BAM has consistently exceeded KPIs and sustained a regular influx of coverage. BAM’s suggested research partnership resulted in seven HR trade placements, and its evergreen data has continued to be cited long past its publication. BAM has also established strong media relationships with five key industry reporters covering the company at least twice.

blueboard case study

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