Case Study

Fortem Technologies

Based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Fortem Technologies is the leader in airspace awareness, security, and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones. 


Fortem needed to reach executives and decision makers within government agencies, and military and defense organizations — both nationally and worldwide. Defense customers were not willing to announce their work with Fortem, and BAM didn’t have data points to showcase how these customers benefited from Fortem’s solution. This urged us to rethink our announcement strategy. 


BAM worked with Fortem to develop a series of press releases that would avoid naming the customer directly and instead describe who they are in a way that still positioned the engagement as impressive to our core military and defense audience.  


This approach started a snowball effect and ultimately helped Fortem get permission from customers to publish joint announcements with their names and executive quotes included. 


New pieces of coverage


Top-tier placements in 3 months

- Fortem Technologies

"BAM’s work has helped us stand out in front of the niche security and defense audience we’ve been going after over these last few years. We recently landed a strategic partnership and investment from Toshiba, and could not have gotten there without BAM’s support."


After having announced several customers and partners, the cadence and quality of Fortem’s coverage skyrocketed. In three months, BAM secured 12 pieces of editorial coverage for Fortem in the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Janes, which has been a top defense trade target and a tough one to crack since BAM began working with Fortem.


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