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Case Study


Howdy is the evolution of people and culture for today’s hybrid workforce needs. Howdy is the convergence of four business models — recruitment, equipment procurement, mentorship and management, and local coworking spaces — to support the success of U.S. tech companies hiring LATAM software developers.



Howdy came to BAM because they needed support in reshaping their company messaging and overall brand. The company was preparing to officially launch its new name — Howdy — after changing its name twice already. The Howdy team needed support to crystalize their messaging in order to differentiate themselves from competitors in the space, while also leaning into the new name and branding.


The goal of the campaign was to assist in launching the new company brand in tandem with Howdy’s Series B extension. Before working with BAM, Howdy had announced its Series B four months prior without much fanfare. The team hoped that the name change and additional funding would increase media exposure to connect with their target audience. 


BAM’s strategy was two-fold. First, the marketing team came in and completed a robust messaging workshop that helped the Howdy team define who they were as a company and the overall story they were trying to convey.

With clear and final messaging in place, the PR team then used that messaging to draft Howdy’s Series B extension press release, as well as kick-off proactive media outreach to HR-focused top-tier reporters and trades. 



media placements in national, local, and trade publications


Speaker spot at Inc. Founder's House


Exceeded KPIs in 6 months

Laura Pereira, Head of Marketing and Communications at Howdy

“Working with BAM has been great since the beginning. We recently rebranded the company to Howdy and needed to build our presence in the U.S., so we chose to work with BAM.

They built our key messages and positioning in the press from scratch by taking the time to understand our company values, brand tone of voice, and hearing from our marketing team, and Jacqueline and Frank, our Founder and Co-Founder.  

Since then, we have worked as one team. That is how we like to work.  We are a people-first company and found the same culture in BAM.”


Over the course of our campaign, BAM secured coverage in top-tier, trade, and local media publications, effectively increasing Howdy’s brand awareness within the HR/recruiting industry. Through our local push, BAM put Howdy on the radar of SXSW organizers and was able to secure a panel spot for Howdy’s CEO at Inc. Founder House, an event for other startup CEOs in tandem with SXSW 2023. 

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