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Case Study


Jobox is a software company that provides home service marketplaces with an AI-based infrastructure to directly connect their customers with home service pros. 


The Jobox platform serves a very niche industry: locksmithing. Locksmithing sits within the home services industry, which has been slow to adopt new technology. Given Jobox’s specific user base and the longstanding pen-and-paper practices of the home services industry, the company needed to build its overall brand awareness while growing general awareness around the challenges locksmiths face on a day-to-day basis and why the home services industry needs to embrace technology. We worked together to launch Jobox out of stealth with its most recent round of funding, elevate the CEO as a thought leader, and highlight user testimonials.


Jobox needed a strong PR agency to help elevate the brand’s visibility to founders, competitors, home service professionals, and the general public.


BAM successfully kickstarted our campaign with Jobox’s $42M Series B announcement, officially launching the company from stealth mode and landing 11 pieces of coverage.

Following the funding announcement, our team brainstormed media angles based on the current media landscape of the home services industry, highlighting Jobox’s CEO, Shay Bloch, as an expert in the space. We secured a spot for Shay as a contributor on Fast Company’s Executive Board to elevate him as a thought leader and highlight his expertise in a tier-one publication.

A key part of our media success came from leveraging Jobox users willing to engage with media about how Jobox supports their locksmithing careers. By highlighting these stories, BAM secured two profile user stories in Insider, which led to an increase in user inquiries.


media placements


exceeded KPIs



Results for Jobox

BAM exceeded media relations KPIs by 160%, with more than 270M unique monthly viewers reached through media coverage.


With over 20 placements in top-tier, trade, and local publications, BAM’s media approach was backed by a Series B funding announcement and multiple partnership announcements.

The team exceeded media relations KPIs by 160% with more than 270M unique monthly viewers reached. BAM also identified over 100 link-building opportunities and secured 24 backlinks for the brand's website. 

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