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Mitek Systems

Mitek Systems is a software company that specializes in digital identity verification and mobile capture technology.

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Needing to distinguish from competitors in the space, Mitek needed to stand out and get their executives in the limelight.


Mitek engaged BAM to increase the awareness of their c-suite executives as influential thought leaders, focusing on establishing and growing their presence on Twitter and LinkedIn. 



BAM worked with two of Mitek’s key executives to identify 50 key influencers in the industry to target on LinkedIn. As time went on, some influencers became inactive. BAM continued to identify new influencers, to help keep the content fresh.

BAM’s approach was to engage with influential leaders in the biometric identity space by creating regular custom LinkedIn content for both executives to post on their respective profiles. To ensure that the content felt authentic, BAM held personal branding workshops for both executives, to better understand their interests, voice, and tone. Each week, BAM wrote custom content targeted to engage these influencers and increase the executive’s profile in the industry.

“BAM helped us creatively identify and engage with new audiences who influence our industry. They put in the work, strategy, and creativity to figure out what has not been done before and that others could not figure out.”


BAM partnered with Mitek’s internal comms teams, both in the U.S. and internationally, to identify and create detailed flashcards for 50 industry influencers. Details on the flashcards included an overview of selection criteria, links to the influencer’s social channels, professional and personal biography, and any relevant articles they’re mentioned in.

Through our partnership, BAM was able to secure two personal meetings between a Mitek executive and target influencers, as well as organically grow one executive’s following on Linkedin by 30% year-over-year.


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