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Pacaso is the leading real estate platform that helps people buy and co-own luxury second homes.


Pacaso wanted to create and own a new residential real estate category, which required education for the media and the consumer. This meant a high level of awareness necessary to enhance visibility and ownership of the second home category. We worked together to build crisp messaging that clearly outlined the benefits and also anticipated questions from the media. As the campaign continued, the messaging evolved and was continually prepared in advance, which easily explained the solution and kept spokespeople aligned on language.


Pacaso came to BAM with the longer-term goal of creating a category-defining PR campaign to educate consumers about second home co-ownership versus timeshares. Pacaso needed a strong PR partner to help align company spokespeople on messaging that would elevate the company’s visibility in the luxury real estate industry.  


BAM’s strategy to enhance Pacaso’s brand awareness and reputation hinged on continual education of the media on the benefits of co-ownership as a way to ease the housing shortage in desirable markets. BAM also leveraged stunning new listings, desirable market launches, industry-related data, and multiple spokespeople to enhance the CEO’s presence as a thought leader in targeted media outlets, both digital and broadcast.



placements in 1 year


of coverage in top-tier publications


Pacaso's coverage over 8 months included 142 top-tier media placements, with 75% being company features.


Within the first three months of the campaign, BAM was able to create a new category for Pacaso and successfully differentiated the company from timeshares. BAM continually secured feature stories for Pacaso across business, finance, real estate, and consumer publications to educate potential buyers about the benefits of co-ownership. BAM was successfully able to make Pacaso a household name by securing a strong cadence of up to 10-15 pieces of coverage per week. 

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