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Sēkr is a crowdsourced mobile platform with the largest database of free campsites, simplifying the outdoor travel planning experience.


Sēkr came to BAM with a need to secure coverage on its Seed funding round of $2.25 million and to build brand awareness around the company’s offering and mission-driven proposition. 


Sēkr needed a PR agency to introduce its brand to the U.S. media and share its story as a company enabling diversity within the predominantly White outdoor travel space. 


Sēkr’s media strategy was driven by a strong understanding of what would resonate best with the consumer, tech, travel, and startup funding media. Rather than focusing on the funding dollar amount, BAM highlighted the company’s mission and its founder story. BAM continuously leveraged Sēkr’s two co-founders’ expertise, knowledge, and thought leadership on the camping and travel industry to land compelling coverage. 


media placements in 11 months


increase in press mentions

The surge in media coverage led Sēkr to obtain its highest website traffic visitor and app download metrics of all time.


BAM secured an exclusive feature piece in TechCrunch for Sēkr’s seed funding, which reached an audience of 14.5 million. Following the TechCrunch exclusive, BAM secured an additional 6 pieces of coverage around the funding announcement, reaching an audience of 7+ million.

The momentum from the funding announcement laid the groundwork for a solid press footprint in the U.S., allowing BAM to secure a steady cadence of top-tier coverage in the mainstream (ex., Forbes), broadcast (ex., FOX Weather, Cheddar), and relevant trade and national consumer outlets (ex., Skift, Fodors Travel, Green Matters, Out Traveler) for a total of nearly one billion impressions

The surge in media coverage led Sēkr to its highest website traffic visitor and app download metrics of all-time.

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