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Voyager invests in early-stage climate technology companies creating the foundation of a decarbonized global economy and a livable future for all.


Voyager’s co-founders and managing partners, Sarah Sclarsic and Sierra Peterson, came to BAM with deep tech expertise in climate technology and a devotion to backing founders with startups that are creating a sustainable future for humanity. With 10+ years in the making, their initial announcement of the fund to the world needed to be impactful. 


The co-founders and fund managers wanted Voyager to be perceived by founders, fellow VCs, and LPs as the expert VC in early-stage climate tech investing in North America and Europe. With this announcement being their public debut, they knew they needed top-tier coverage, going to the right people to create momentum. It wasn’t about the UAM, it was about going to the right people with the right message.


For Voyager’s story, BAM knew that all the components necessary to tell a story were there, but there needed to be special attention to how the story was told to warrant top-tier coverage. BAM worked to hone in on the story so that it was effective without being in the weeds.

When it came time for pitching to the media, BAM went the exclusive route and then the embargo approach. The team also ensured to be as robust as possible with all necessary details to set Voyager’s exclusive up for print and the promised online exclusive.


in exceeded KPIs


top-tier placements including WSJ, Bloomberg, TechCrunch

- Voyager

“We feel so fortunate to work with you and have already recommended BAM to a few great companies whose mission and leadership align with what BAM’s overall view of the world should look like.”


With 15 media placements (13 within the week of the fund announcement), BAM’s creative media approach exceeded KPIs by 300%. Out of the 15 placements, 8 were top-tier, including a print story in the Wall Street Journal. Other publications included Axios, Fortune, GreenBiz, TechCrunch and Bloomberg.

The media attention led to a dramatic increase in inbound inquiries, so much so that Voyager had to temporarily pause PR efforts to keep up. Which here at BAM, we say is a good problem to have.


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Move your story in the right direction.

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