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Chris Pham

Senior Account Executive


Past companies/agencies:

Idea Grove, Crowd Surf, Triple 8 Management


Notable clients:

Adore Me, daVinci Payments (now Onbe), Red Points, Esker, Syte, Sēkr

Chris Pham is a Senior Account Executive at BAM. She is critical in developing creative angles, executing media relations strategies, and maintaining day-to-day client communication. Chris's expertise covers music, consumer technology, and B2B technology.

Before BAM, Chris was a Public Relations Coordinator at Idea Grove, an integrated PR and digital marketing agency, where she served as the execution lead and PR strategy support on all her client's public relations efforts.

Favorite industry:

I love working with retail and the consumer technology space. They're both constantly changing, which makes it fun to follow. I also keep up with all the news related to digital culture, entertainment, and macro-socio trends for fun, and these always make their way into retail and consumer tech news somehow — a plus for me. 

Favorite trip I’ve taken:

The first solo trip I ever embarked on was a three-week adventure through Spain and Portugal. I had the best time and much-needed time to decompress and reflect on everything. The trip was a mix of everything I love: spectacular FOOD, soccer, beautiful beaches, and music.