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  • mobile apps
  • agtech
  • consumer
  • cybersecurity
  • e-commerce
  • enterprise
  • fintech
  • healthtech
  • robotics
  • venture capital

Billions of apps are downloaded every year but few ever become known. Our strong communications and marketing campaigns make apps essential to users.

As our growing population demands more and better food, agriculture has become just as automated as other industries with the surge of new tech innovation.

Consumer priorities are always changing, so you need a masterful marketing and communications approach to match. Our consumer team knows exactly how to build brands to entice the right consumer.

Every CTO and nearly every business now needs to consider a cyber threat. We help cybersecurity startups tell strong, compelling stories.

E-commerce is a way of life now for brands. From martech brands that make e-commerce platforms perform to consumer brands that exist only online, our marketing and communications team is ready for you.

Selling to businesses takes another level of finesse and approach. We know how to approach B2B clients, Fortune 1000 brands, and C-suite executives.

From security breaches to legislative hurdles, our fintech startups have their own set of challenges. We know how to navigate all of them.

Crowded and complicated, the health tech industry demands robust and thoughtful PR and marketing approaches. We make health tech startups stand out.

Our robotics expertise spans from inventory management robots to medical device assistants. Integrating robots into consumer and enterprise environments via great communications and marketing strategies is our speciality.

Money is a commodity for most startups. We elevate venture capital funds so they secure the best deal flow and make the biggest impact.

Employing an analyst relations strategy can pay dividends for your business. Brands looking to secure visibility with their target buyers should seek attention from the influential researchers within their market. Making and maintaining meaningful connections with analysts, who interact with the media, investors, and financial analysts, can improve the quality and quantity of a company’s media coverage. Being in-the-know on when industry reports are being published and holding regular briefings with the right researchers increases a company’s likelihood of being included in relevant research. This can impact your buyers’ purchasing decisions, drive investor behavior and define industry trends.

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brivo logo grayscale


Building media momentum for an established company

careerarc greyscale logo


Using survey data to build brand legitimacy 

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame

Grabbing market share in a crowded industry

Crexi greyscale logo


Leveraging data to grow awareness

dispatchhealth greyscale logo


Announcing Unicorn status with two weeks notice

Evinced greyscale logo


Announcing Evinced to the market with a Series A 

flock freight transparent logo

Flock Freight

Creating a new industry-disrupting term 

Fortem Technologies greyscale logo

Fortem Technologies

Reaching government agencies through media coverage

Pivot Bio

inVia Robotics

Increasing awareness through PR & media relations

Kahoot greyscale logo


Building international brand awareness ahead of an IPO

medcrypt transparent logo


Education-first tactics for driving media coverage

Mitek greyscale

Mitek Systems

Building executive thought leadership online

Natel Energy greyscale logo

Natel Energy

Changing public perception of hydropower

Pacaso Greyscale


From founding to unicorn-status in 5 months

Pivot Bio


Launching Pivot Bio out of stealth mode

Rufus Labs transparent background

Rufus Labs

Increasing share of voice and stand out from competitors

Thomvest greyscale logo

Thomvest Ventures

Standing out in a crowded venture market 


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