Learn about future and past events below.

Media Matchmaking Day (MMD)


Tuesday, January 10, 2023

8am-11:30am PT


BAM created Media Matchmaking Day (MMD) back in 2020 (it was fully online then!) to help our media friends connect with great Founders and startups. It’s a “speed dating” event where Founders and Heads of Marketing meet with top tier media for 10 minutes each. We did our last MMD in NYC in July 2022 with 60+ founders and 50+ top tier media. It was a hit, so we’re bringing it back for 4 rounds in 2023.


VC Comms Con 2023


The 4th Annual VC Comms Con 2023 will take place in San Diego once again starting on February 22nd, Wednesday. Our all day event will be February 23rd, Thursday, with activities on February 24th, Friday, as well.

VC Comms Con is invite only, reserved for those in full time marketing and comms roles at VC funds. Tickets are $440 per person and just cover our costs, along with help from sponsors, in executing a grand and memorable event.

Previous Events

AMA Recap: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

On October 20, we invited Cade Metz of The New York Times and Sharon Goldman of VentureBeat to join our monthly Ask Media Anything. We talked about the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), AI bias and how companies should position their news related to AI & ML technologies to attract interest from journalists.

Converting Your Media Interview into Great Media Coverage

In this webinar from October 2022, BAM's PR experts Jenny Bourne, Samantha Mignacca, and Lauren Grassetti shared 5 tips on how to ace your next media interview so that it turns into coverage. This free, 60-minute webinar is perfect for founders, executives, and startups who are looking for guidance on interviewing with journalists.

Ask Media Anything(AMA): HR Tech and the Future of Work

On September 29, we invited Shana Lebowitz Gaynor of INSIDER, Julia Herbst of Fast Company and Jack Kelly of Forbes to join our monthly Ask Media Anything. We talked about best practices in creating headlines, future work trends and what goes into a perfect pitch.

Book Jam with Sherrell Dorsey

In our September 2022 BAM Book Jam, we sat down with author and founder and CEO of The Plug, Sherrell Dorsey. We talked about her new book, "Upper Hand: The Future of Work for the Rest of Us." In the book, readers learn to think about how they can strategically shape the coming decade to include Black and Brown communities. 

How To Become a Thought Leader

On July 23, we hosted our Thought Leadership Webinar with BAMf's Maria Vetter and Brenda Manea! We hope you learned how to supplement your current PR and marketing efforts with thought leadership. We talked about how to monitor your industry's conversation, enhance your social media profiles, passively participate on social media channels, and what it takes to become a thought leader.

How to Ace Your Funding Announcement: August 2022

On August 24, we hosted our webinar, "How to Ace Your Funding Announcement" with BAMf's Amanda Mieczkowski, Shea Geary, and Beck Bamberger. The team shared 3 case studies on recent funding announcements and how they helped their clients land top-tier coverage. We talked about exclusives, press releases, wire services, and more. 

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