Mike Melvin

Chief Revenue Officer


10 Years of Industry Experience


Past Companies/Agencies:
Techleus, OnePitch, CorpU, Slice Communications, KMDR (Acquired), Unsiloo Digital Marketing, Epic Nomad


Past & Current Notable Clients:
Illumio, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Home Depot, DataBox, Aetna, CocaCola, Platfora (Acquired), Boeing, Criteo, SENA

Mike Melvin is Chief Revenue Officer at BAM. Mike is responsible for all revenue-related initiatives across BAM’s client base.

His expertise in marketing and sales helps the agency achieve success for clients in the cybersecurity, consumer electronics, education, financial services, healthcare, mobile, and telecommunications industries.

Prior to BAM, Mike was a Director of Sales and Marketing at Techleus Web Design, where he oversaw business development and marketing. While at Techleus, he developed marketing campaigns for companies within various tech industries including cybersecurity, esports, information technology, and biotechnology. Mike has a digital media and communications bachelor’s degree from Juniata College.

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