Media Matching Day (MMD)



BAM created Media Matchmaking Day (MMD) back in 2020 (it was fully online then!) to help our media friends connect with great founders and startups. It’s a “speed dating” event where founders and heads of marketing meet with top tier media for 10 minutes each.


1. Our media friends are looking for potential stories and need an efficient way to source them (and not just from PR people like us)
2. Founders and heads of marketing beyond those we represent at BAM like to tell their stories for potential coverage down the road 
3. We (BAM) love community building and believe MMD is a good way to foster relationships between our media, VC comms/marketing group, and startup community overall


May 10:

Nominations for founders/heads of marketing open

extended: May 26:

Nominations close

June 5:

Founders/Heads of Marketing notified of acceptance

July 11:

Founders/Heads of Marketing media meetings sent

July 21:

Media Matchmaking Day


Schedule on July 21st:

8am-8:45am ET:
Founders/Heads of Marketing coffee bar 

8:45am-9:15am ET:
Quick fire media training + dos and don’ts for the day 

9:30am-11:30am ET:
Media Matchmaking rounds 

11:30am-1pm ET:
Lunch with all media + founders + Heads of Marketing + VC comms/marketing community who nominated our great group 



Should I bring materials, business cards, etc?
We don’t suggest that. Just bring yourself and a great energy. All of the reporters will have your one pagers in the Google Drive we are sending along.
What about the media’s contact info? Will I get that after the event?
Yes, we will send the media’s emails to attendees after the event. There is no need to try to get their emails when you sit down with them for 10 minutes.
How do I make a good impression with a reporter?
Be a human is the first suggestion. Your 10 minutes with each shouldn’t be a monologue about how great your company is. Make it a dialogue and be interested in the reporter's work. Secondly, ask how you can be of help and have some ideas! Do you have data, reports, amazing board members, fellow peers, etc that pertain to the reporter’s beat? Share that.
What should I wear? I haven’t been anywhere in 2.5 years!
It’s summer in NYC but also a business event. Business casual is great, but keep your Burning Man vest or short shorts packed up until later in the summer.