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Ramel Wallace

Senior Community Manager


Past companies/agencies:
thChrch, Scripps Health Care


Notable clients:
Sēkr, Collide Capital, 9five Eyewear, San Diego Symphony

Ramel Wallace is the Senior Community Manager at BAM. Ramel is responsible for research and development and managing BAM events in collaboration with key internal and external stakeholders. Ramel is also BAM’s Office manager and assists in administrative roles. Before BAM, Ramel was the CEO & Founder of thChrch and an active participant in bridging the gap between art, tech, and creativity. His roots in Hip Hop have allowed him to turn his ability to control a crowd into an ability to run an office and lead a community.

He is currently on the board at the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art and is an active community member and contributor. His mission to represent the unspoken has led him to speak at BAM, Creative Mornings, USD, UCSD, SDSU, A Reason to Survive (ARTS), David's Harp Foundation, and other events on how to use art as a form of social activism and therapy.  

Favorite quote:

My favorite quote is from my mother, Nia, who would always say, “A mouth will say anything,” meaning people have the power to create narratives, both true and false. It’s our purpose to listen deeply and ask the questions that reveal the gold in people's minds. 

Favorite hobby: 

My favorite hobby is being creative and cultivating creative communities. Once a month, I host CreativeMornings San Diego. I am a spoken word poetry artist and hip-hop musician, and teach identity construction.