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Sarah Pekala

Senior Account Director, Marketing


Past companies/agencies:
Harvard Business Publishing, Jana (Acquired), BevSpot, CarGurus


Notable clients: 

Mitek Systems, The BroadReach Group, Stray Dog Capital, Tola Capital, Health2047, Ribbon Health, Brivo, PayEm

Sarah is a Senior Account Director on the Marketing team at BAM. She advises B2B and B2C startups and venture funds on marketing strategy, focusing on media messaging and thought leadership content strategy. Sarah’s editorial expertise and strong project management skills help BAM achieve content success for clients in industries such as healthtech, AI, SaaS, and venture capital.

Before BAM, Sarah was a lead content marketer at CarGurus, where she wrote content and set strategies to build CarGurus’ reputation as a thought leader in automotive marketing. She also served as content marketing lead for two VC-backed startups, focusing on executive thought leadership and presence, brand building, and lead generation. She began her career in digital publishing at Harvard Business Publishing, where she sharpened her editorial skills for 6+ years. 

Fun fact:

I started getting tattoos on my 18th birthday. I view them as a physical representation of my story;  moments in time, memories I want to hang onto, artifacts of my life, and pieces from artists I admire. It's my favorite thing to collect.

Favorite story I’ve heard and why:

I am a podcast devotee, and an episode of Radio Lab from 2014 called "60 words" still haunts me. It’s a profound interrogation of the power of language, specifically the 60 words that make up one sentence in the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) law — and how its interpretation can change the course of the world.