Saramaya Penacho

Managing Director
Health Tech Practice


10 Years of Industry Experience


Past Companies/Agencies:


Past & Current Notable Clients:
AMD, Catalia Health, DispatchHealth, Humana, LifeOmic, LunaDNA, MedCrypt, Pivot Bio, Symantec, Veyo

Saramaya Penacho is the Managing Director of the Health Tech Practice at BAM. She is the senior strategic lead for BAM's marketing and communications campaigns for clients in enterprise and consumer health care technology, as well as related wellness and science industries. Her experience is rooted at the intersection of health care and technology for global companies and startups alike, encompassing B2B and B2C brands in health care delivery, genomics, medical devices, insurance, agriculture, and cybersecurity. Saramaya is also a lead strategist at BAM for crisis communications and issues management, within health care and other verticals.

Prior to BAM, Saramaya worked for Edelman, the largest global communications marketing firm, where she led award-winning earned, paid, owned, and social communications campaigns for Fortune 100 brands. Saramaya studied journalism with an emphasis in public relations along with a minor in communications at the University of Oregon.

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