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Dear BAMf Podcast: Episode 55 with Liz Prugh

Feeling Joy in Spite of It All

Dear BAMf // Episode 55: Liz Prugh of Kitsune Consulting explains how to maximize marketing content.

In this episode of the Dear BAMf podcast, we speak with Liz Prugh, owner of Kitsune Consulting. She is the founder of and former VP of Marketing at Base. Liz is a self-proclaimed tech geek, blogger, screenwriter/producer, SaaS marketer, and aspiring #FierceFemale. In this episode, Liz answers tough marketing and PR questions from our listeners, including this one about maximizing promotional value.

Dear BAMf,

I was recently listening to a marketing webinar and one person said we usually spend so much effort creating all this great content and only half the effort on promoting it. This stuck with me. We've been creating about ten pieces of content per month consistently. I'm wondering if this is too much and if it's cannibalizing other pieces.



Listen now to hear how Liz advises this writer to move forward.

Dear BAMf: Episode 55

Episode 55 highlights:

  • (05:00) What are you most proud of accomplishing in the last 12 months?

    For Liz co-parenting her toddlers and preparing for a covid pregnancy has been her biggest accomplishments. Professionally Liz explains her accomplishments with Base saying, "We went from 0 to 4,000 users. We launched a big live streaming strategy that was free for assistance and the office administrators and it really blew up. It was great and we hosted a virtual conference."

  • (08:00) Do you have a favorite way to tell a story?

    Before Covid Liz was doing a lot of podcasting for her clients, but as the pandemic proceeded live streaming took over. Liz says, "Anytime you can have organic conversation, that's my favorite." Liz attributes her love for podcasts and live streaming to the ease technology has brought to the process stating, "Before you had to be real savvy. It was really hard to do that and now it's easy, so anyone can do it."

  • (11:42) We are churning out 10 pieces of content a month, how might I squeeze out all the promotional value out of a piece once we create it?

    Liz urgently suggests, "If you're churning out 10 pieces of content a month that should be tied to some sort of SEO strategy." Additionally, Liz proposes honing in on your audience and user by creating content that alleviates their pain points. Maintaining a purposeful and funnel driven narrative is just as important.

What is Dear BAMf?

We are all BAMfs (badass motherf*ckers), but sometimes even BAMfs need help. Dear BAMf is an advice column-style podcast that lets you anonymously hit us with your hardest marketing and PR questions hosted by Founder & CEO of BAM Communications, Beck Bamberger.

Have a difficult PR or marketing situation you can't figure out? Drop us a line at Dear BAMf. Your submission will be entirely anonymous. 


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