Dear BAMf

We are all BAMfs (badass motherf*ckers) according to us, but sometimes even BAMfs need help. Dear BAMf podcast is a 30-minute advice podcast, hosted by our CEO Beck Bamberger, where guests address anonymously submitted PR + marketing questions or issues.

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The Latest Episodes

Dear BAMf // EPISODE 16

Kaitlin Durkosh questions the why of putting out good/bad news, shares advice about preparing your client to speak to media, and emphasizes the importance of acknowledgment.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 15

Rachel Hofstetter unpacks the execution of managing up, staying above water in a crowded marketplace, blatant plagiarism, and how to leverage love languages to enhance communication with your CEO.  


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 14

Charity Mhende explains the purpose of a press release, shares tips for choosing a PR agency, and what to do if your agency starts representing a competitor.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 13

Tyana Daley of Immertec gives advice on how to implement a DEI program, crisis comms, and building a relationship with journalists.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 12

Rob Haralson of Anzu Partners explains the value of virtual events and dealing with a client that won't listen to your strategic counsel.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 11

Vincent Touati-Tomas of Northzone answers tricky questions about how to ignite passion even when you're not so passionate about your job.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 10

Lindsay Amos of Y Combinator shares her thoughts on how to convey the 'why' of a brand refresh to your CEO, balancing client expectations, and gives advice on vetting a PR agency.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 9

Maria Juan, Vice President of Marketing at Peerfit, tackles your healthcare-focused PR questions on maximizing your data, the importance of internal PR for a marketing agency, and best ways to share patient experience with the press.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 8

Erin Gleason of Founders Fund answer a tricky question about how to tactfully share positive company news with the media in a COVID-19 world.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 7

Brian Dema of Silicon Valley Bank tells us how to leverage marketing metrics to tell impactful stories along with BAM's Managing Director of Marketing & Innovation, Neha Singh.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 6

Rebecca Buckman of Battery Ventures answers tricky questions about how to prepare for an IPO and what to do when a client is ignoring media advice.

Dear BAMf // EPISODE 5

Natalie Sportelli of Lerer Hippeau answers tough questions or protecting brand identity and communicating during a pandemic.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 4

Nairi Hourdajian of Canaan dives into media relations, how to overcome roadblocks to secure larger stories, and more.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 3

Kerry Bennett of Upfront Ventures addresses topics on crisis comms, the value of PR, and media outreach when dealing with a CEO's bad reputation.


Dear BAMf // EPISODE 2

Sarah King of Flywire tackles challenges with media ethics, client communication barriers, and internal communications during #COVID19.

Dear BAMf // EPISODE 1

Sanja Komljenovic of ONA Creative dives into maintaining great client relationships, defining target audiences, and identifying the right marketing strategy amidst COVID-19